Shaping, refining, and enhancing the appearance of stone.

At Fair Deal Marble & Granite Ind LLC, Cutting and polishing are essential processes for the stone, particularly in the context of working with natural stone materials like Marble, Granite and other stones.


Precision is crucial, especially for applications like countertops or flooring. Computer-controlled diamond saws are often used for intricate cuts and designs to ensure accuracy and minimal waste.

Stone cutting can be done using either dry or wet methods. Dry cutting generates less mess but can produce more dust, while wet cutting uses water to reduce dust but requires additional cleanup and maintenance.


We Specialize in stone polishing with fully equipped machines with rotating heads and adjustable pressure are employed to ensure an even and consistent polish.

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Marbles & granite are some of the best and most amazing products made up of natural stones. Fair deal marbles & granite ind llc is like a sculpture that wields a chisel and the stricken marble grows into beauty to contain your empty space.