Stones that comes with luxury and opulence.

At Fair Deal Marble & Granite Ind LLC, we revolve around the processing, distribution, and trading of one of the world’s most luxurious and enduring natural & engineering stones. We are fulfilling the demand, which is highly prized for its exquisite beauty, durability, and versatility.


We source raw marble blocks from these quarries, which can be located in countries like Italy, Greece, Turkey, India, and many others known for their high-quality marble production.

Processing and Manufacturing:

Once the raw marble blocks are sourced, they are transported to specialized processing facilities in our warehouse Here, the blocks are stored and cut into slabs or tiles and then meticulously polished to reveal their natural luster and intricate veining.

Quality Control:

Quality control is a critical aspect of the stone industry. Each slab or tile is inspected for flaws, and only those that meet rigorous standards for color, pattern, and structural integrity are selected for distribution and trading.

Distribution and Trading:

Our distribution channels can vary from wholesalers and retailers to direct sales. Our Products are used in various applications, such as countertops, flooring, wall cladding, bathroom surfaces, and decorative items.

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Marbles & granite are some of the best and most amazing products made up of natural stones. Fair deal marbles & granite ind llc is like a sculpture that wields a chisel and the stricken marble grows into beauty to contain your empty space.